District 201Q1, Queensland, Australia

Lions Aid & Relief Centre (LARC)

LARC collects and distributes health and education related equipment to registered organizations that support individuals, families and groups in need.  Equipment is distributed on a local, state and international level to areas of identified need.  

To date the centre has sent 169 shipping containers to many areas.

Below is an example of a Thank You from West Papua:

West Papua (Irian Jaya) Locals thank Lions for helping with a container of assistance after a series of earthquakes just before the big Tsunami. 3000 locals turned up for a pigfest. This can be seen in the other photos. Click the link above or below.

West Papua
See LARC link above

Palliative Care

This part of LARC is the loan of disabled equipment (Electric Beds, Wheelchairs and Commodes). This project is run with the discharge officers in the many hospital in SE QLD. 

Requests are only processed from these officers which reduces the need to check out the recipients. When an electric bed is requested we ring the local Lions Club and get them to assist in placing the bed in the recipients home.

We lose clients at the rate of one a month. We call this the bitter sweet project. Bitter because they pass away and Sweet because we make their last days more comfortable.

Becoming a Lion

We have in our membership a Medical installer and a Wheelchair mechanic. If interested in this project call us we are always looking for people who are looking for something to do. We send our members overseas at no cost to themselves if they have the expertise needed for the items we are sending.

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