District 201Q1, Queensland, Australia



Disaster Relief

In the aftermath of local or overseas natural disasters, we react quickly (within 24 hours when possible), to provide recovery assistance such as chairs, tables and books to schools and walkers, crutches and hospital beds to hospitals to ensure they have critical equipment to rebuild community services.

We are prepared to react quickly for disasters in Australia and or overseas.  Reaction time can be within 24hrs if required.  In 2011 assistance was given with the QLD Floods and Cyclone Larry.

Overseas Aid

We upgrade schools and hospitals in the Indo-Pacific region.

Palliative Care

Loan of hospital equipment to facilitate home care of terminal clients.

Personal Energy Transportation (PET)

We manufacture PET® mobility chairs for distribution to developing nations. These hand cranked wheelchairs are designed for disabled, ill or wounded people who would otherwise have very limited personal mobility.


Training Work for the Dole participants to make PET wheelchairs and wooden toys.  Toys are to be distributed by other groups for disadvantaged children.

Apple Computer Club

Our computer club provides an opportunity for like minded people to come together and learn, share experiences and help others with any aspect of personal computing.

Assisted Communities/Areas
Innisfail Ingham Tara
Bali East Timor Fiji
Ghana India Kenya
Kiribati Laos Philippines
PNG Samoa Solomons Is
Sri Lanka Tonga Tuvalu
Uganda Vanuatu West Papua